Livestock Impoundment crews are confiscating horses and calves belonging to several Dineh people of Big Mountain/Black Mesa, Arizona right now. These livestock impoundments constitute human rights violations against traditional Dineh (Navajo); they take away one of their major food sources and one of the main sources of their livelihood.

Please stay on alert. We have contacted the office of Land Range Management; if they do not respond by tomorrow, we will ask you to flood their lines and say that the elders need their animals to survive and these confiscations are WRONG, that we are watching, and that we see this ongoing harassment as part of cultural genocide.

Eight calves and multiple horses were impounded because the Elders did not have correct permits. One permited calf was taken from an elder and put on Navajo Partitioned Lands (NPL). The ranger told the elder to go ahead and get the calf herself if she wanted it back. Let’s make sure they don’t get away with this.

We’re collecting funds to pay for livestock reclamation. We know it will be at least $500. The amount increases daily. You can go here to donate now !

Many Thanks for Your Support. Stay in touch!

Hallie, Berkley, Liza, Derek, and Tree

You can also call the following folks and (respectfully) give them hell!

Hopi Tribal Chairman‘s office at 928-734-3102
Hopi Tribe Office Of Range Management at (928) 737-5456 make sure to ask (respectfully) that they stop using quads!

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