Strong Heart Lakota Solidarity

Folks, our own Noah Morris is headed to the Pine Ridge Reservation to provide support to the traditional Lakota elders and their families. He is going as part of the Strong Heart Lakota Solidarity Project. There has been an escalation of violence and intimidation against the Lakota people. Noah is on his way to document these human rights violations, and provide direct support.

You can support him by spreading this message, and making a donation to the cause.

You know you’re doing something right…

…when they set up a checkpoint.

Word’s that all day today there was a checkpoint on the forest service road leading up to Beauty Spot. Cops (Forest Service Rangers, North Carolina Division of Wildlife, etc..) are checking license, registration, insurance, etc. Be prepared for this tomorrow and on.

Also, parking situation is a little different than planned, due to the illegalities of our planned parking spot. Cars will now line the forest service road. We are advised to drive all the way up to the trail entrance to unload and then park further down. And when you park, you can single, double, and even triple park. Just be sure to leave a space for an ambulance to drive through. If not, citations will be issued (so far two $175 citations have been issued) and threats of being towed will ensue.

See you in the woods…

Katuah Earth First!


Southeast Spring Rendezvous 2012 is happening soon!

The details have been hammered out, the site has been selected, and all that is need is YOU!!

The Spring Rendezvous will be held April 19-23, 2012 in the beautifully spacious Beauty Spot just outside of Erwin, TN . If you would like detailed directions, please check out this pagePlease bring enough water for your personal needs, (ie. 1 gallon/day) and bulk food for the communal kitchen. Check out other packing recommendations here.

For more information, send a message to katuahearthfirst (at) riseup (dot) net or give us a call at 1 (828) 333-0270.

See you there!

Katuah Earth First!