Bryan Garcia’s bail at $25,000, please donate

Bryan Garcia in tree a Mountain Mobilization, shutting down Hobet

Bryan Garcia in tree a Mountain Mobilization, shutting down Hobet, the largest mountaintop removal site in the U.S.  –Photo courtesy of Paul Corbit-Brown

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Following yesterday’s historic shutdown of the Hobet mine — Appalachia’s largest mountaintop removal site– Dustin and at least nineteen other Appalachians and allies are being held on $25,000 bail each — a combined $500,000.*  Most are being charged with trespass and obstruction.

While we believe that these bail amounts are unconstitutionally excessive and may ultimately be reduced, we need to raise as much money as we possibly can to support those brave individuals who have put their bodies on the line to put a halt to the injustice of mountaintop removal mining.  According to Dustin, he was taken into a room and beaten by law enforcement while in custody.  Witnesses have reported that other protesters were brutalized by law enforcement while being taken into custody.  We need to work to ensure that anyone who wants to get out of jail can do so as soon as possible.

Mountaintop removal is a crime against humanity that has left a legacy of poisoned air and water, high cancer rates, economic exploitation, and devastated communities and ecosystems throughout Appalachia.   Corrupted legislators and regulators at the state and federal levels have failed to take action to stop these atrocities, leaving direct action as the last resort for conscientious residents aiming to save the land and people of Appalachia.

Please check for updates as we receive additional information about our friends in custody.

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To see more images from yesterday’s historic action, click here.

*We were able to verify bail amounts of $25,000 for seventeen of our arrested friends and assume it is the same for the remaining three.

Hobet strip mine shut down – Bryan Garcia up in a tree

Bryan Garcia of Katuah Earth First is up in a tree on the Hobet mine site as part of today’s Mountain Mobilization.


Part of the group of 50+ people walking on to Hobet mine site to shutdown mountaintop removal operations there. July 28th, 2012 Photo credit Mary Schellentrager, Energy Action Coalition

Hobet mine site is currently shut down after over 50 people walked on to the Hobet site today to protest coal extraction. Mining is expected to remain halted as long as protesters are on the site. Tree sits greatly prolong the time it takes to remove people, buying pressure coal-mining free time for people.

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Garcia getting buzzed by helicopter, which is marked “N3wv”. 2012-07-28 14:11:42

Residents Blockade Injection Well One Week After 1,000 Gallon Fracking Waste Spill

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Concerned residents blocked access to an injection well in Trumbull County this morning, protesting the failure of Ohio regulators to adequately test and monitor dumping of toxic fracking waste. At least one protestor has been arrested and at least two others have been detained.

Trumbull County residents, along with supporters from Frack Free Mahoning and Ohio Fracktion, are gathering at the well site on Sodom Hutchings Road in Vienna Township, to express concerns about the contents of the 1,000 gallons of fracking wastewater that spilled along five miles of road in Fowler Township, a nearby residential area on July 7.

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Help Katuah Earth First! get an action off the ground!

Dear Friends and Allies,

Katuah Earth First! (KEF!) has had a busy year thus far. Earlier in the year we hosted the Southeast Regional Rendezvous which boasted participants from throughout the region, including West Virginia and Florida. We came together to share are struggles, ideas, and resources to fight our respective campaigns. We then participated in a direct action, along with other organizations, to

Activists blockade train tracks leading to Duke Energy’s Marshall Steam Station.

halt the delivery of mountain top removal coal to Duke Energy. The action was successful in reversing Apple’s decision to use coal to power their data center and commit to renewable energy.

We didn’t stop there. We then provided logistical support for the Radical Action for Mountain People’s Survival (RAMPS)

Campaign with a direct action where activists boarded a coal bargeand halted the shipment of mountain top removal coal. Several hundred folks also blocked road access to an active mine site near Kayford Mountain. Both actions were successful, but couldn’t have been done without support from near and far.

Pro-mountain activists board coal barge.

The fight doesn’t stop there and neither will we!

The RAMPS campaign has announced a Mountain Mobilization this July and KEF! is proud to continue this fight in solidarity. This time, we plan on stepping it up a notch!

KEF! is planning a direct action in conjunction with the Mountain Mobilization. We’ll be bringing a diversity of skills to the table, but we can’t do it without your help! We have the gear, we have the people power, but we need the financial backing to pull off an action of this type. There are a multitude of costs associated with an action including transportation, bail, and legal support.

You can help by making a donation to our Wepay account. Whether it’s $5 or $5,000, every dollar helps. Along with making a donation, you can spread the word to your family and friends. Please share our webpage (, friend us on Facebook (Katuah EarthFirst), and share the donation link  ( With your support we can halt mountain top removal!

For The Earth!

Katuah Earth First!

“I’m On A Boat!” Fundraiser. July 19 Support the Campaign to STOP Mountain top Removal!

Hot damn! Come on out for an “I’m on a Boat” party to raise money for Mountain Justice’s direct action campaign against mountaintop removal coal mining!

What: a dance party, fish fry, and fun night of jovial homemade-beer drinking, fire dancers, hula hoopers, fortune tellers, silent auction, and more!

When: Thursday 7/19 from 7:30pm until…

Where: the Birdhouse Neighborhood Center located at the corner of 4th and Gill

Why: On May 25, 5 Mountain Justice volunteers boarded a coal barge to protest the extraction of coal and profit from mountains in West Virginia. All 5 were arrested and are facing up to $4,000+ in court costs and fines for their brave actions! We wanna help em out and support ongoing direct action against the coal industry!

How much? $3-$10 at the door, $5 for entry + keg (w/ID), $5 fish fry! Bring some extra change for the silent auction and extracurricular activities!

If you can’t attend this great event please still support Mountain Justice and these brave activists by sending a check made out to Mountain Justice and send to

Mountain Justice
6920 Millertown Pike
Knoxville, TN 37924

Organic Farms At Risk Of Herbicides By Electric Utility

There’s a fight brewing in Madison County between organic farmers and the local power utility, French Broad Electrical Member Corporation. FBEMC currently provides service to Madison County, as well as Buncombe County, Yancey County and Mitchell County in North Carolina. Madison County is know for it’s graceful mountains, but it’s also home to nutrient rich soil. It is home to 1500 small family farms, with also being home to the highest numbers of organic farms in North Carolina.

Recently the FBEMC has started to administer two herbicides to maintain their “right of ways”, the area beneath their power lines. The herbicides are glyphosate based Rodeo and Polaris. By reading the material safety data sheets (MSDS) for each of these (Rodeo and Polaris) you would think these chemicals are harmless and safe to spray around fruits, vegetables, and water supplies. But further reading shows that ingestion can cause acute poisoning, kills human cells, and birth defects. Even the New York State attorney general has slapped the wrists of Monsanto for false advertising of glyphosate as “safe and environmentally friendly” Because of these effects, folks have been turning to organic farming to reduce their exposure to such herbicides. Organic farmers are required by the National Organic Program to be free from certain synthetic substances, with Rodeo and Polaris included. And Madison County is home to some of these organic farms.

Madison County is also home to the French Broad River watershed. Glyphosate based herbicides are known to be washed into creeks and streams, to be found in our drinking water sources. Currently, the French Broad River services over 1 million people with drinking water.

We are demanding is that FBEMC halts the use of herbicides near farms and water sources. Using herbicides to control plant growth in their right of way may be economically viable to the utility, but it will do so at the costs of organic farmers losing their certifications. This also doesn’t include the cost of health effects from indirect ingestion.

You can join the fight by contacting FBEMC directly and demand that they immediately halt the use of herbicides near farms and waterways. Viable solutions are to either use mechanical means of maintaining their right of ways, or by providing an exception to farmers. Greg Fowler is the district manager for FBEMC in Madison County. His contact information is as follows:

Greg Fowler

If the French Broad Electric Membership Corporation is true to it’s mission of serving it’s members in Madison County, then they will also protect it’s most vital resources: it’s land and it’s water.