Treehugger’s Ball co-hosted by KEF! and WWC’s ECO Justice Crew

Treehuggers near and far! Grab your best realtree camo (or mossy oak, if you prefer) and head on over to Warren Wilson for a night of revelry.

The Treehugger’s Ball is being co-hosted by our friends, the Eco Justice Crew. The night will be filled with contra dancing (lessons will be provided), delicious delights, and a raffle for assorted goodies. All of this will be in direct support of the Coal River Mountain Watch which has been on the frontlines in the war against mountain top removal.

So invite your friends, get gussied up, and throw down on the dance floor!

For information email or visit the Facebook event page.

EF! Climbing Camp – Fall 2012 in Ohio

September 22-28, 2012

EF! Climbers Guild will be hosting a climbing camp this fall in southern Ohio.

This is the first time a Guild camp has been organized in the Midwest and we are really excited about it! At the EF! National Rondezvous in Pennsylvania this year, we recognized a vital need to make these technical skills more available in this region. With the escalating campaigns against fracking and coal extraction, the guild would be honored to share our skills with those that are interested.

We have invited a variety of different climb/rigging trainers from different bio-regions who actively work on different campaigns to share their skills and their stories.

What to bring:

Pack like you’re going camping, sleeping bag, tent, raingear.

Good climb shoes- these are any shoe with a stiff sole.
While some people can climb in sandals, I wouldn’t recommend it. And about
climbing barefoot- like most things in life, the fantasy is better than
the reality. It hurts.

Gloves- bike gloves are great, but anything snug and flexible
will work. Blisters = slower climbing

Pants that you can climb and be comfortable in. This means loose or
stretchy and breathable material.

Your own climb gear. While this is certainly not required, if you have it,
bring it! And if you’ve been wanting to invest, carpe diem! There really
is no time like the present. We are not sure exactly what and how much
gear we will have, so the more people provide their own gear, the less the
likelihood of waiting to use communal gear.

Food. Not all EF! Guild camps have communal kitchens, however this one
will. Please consider bringing food to donate to the kitchen. Keep in mind
that there will be vegans at the camp, so donations that everyone can
share would be greatly appreciated. Also, bring what you know that you
need to sustain yourself for a week. i.e. if you know you need chocolate
everyday in the afternoon, throw it in your personal food bucket 

Donation of $20-$30 for the week. However, no one will be
turned away for lack of funds.

What we will provide:

Knowledgeable trainers

Climb gear. Once again, have no fear if you do not have your own gear, we can provide gear for the week.

A full kitchen, including dishware and cutlery. So, you don’t need to bring your own set, unless you really want to. While we are asking folks to contribute to our kitchen, we will also be providing food as well and are hoping to have a volunteer cook or two for the week. If not, we can take turns making meals. Whatever makes sense.

Potable water

Coffee and tea

We are going to be camping and training just outside of Athens, Ohio. If
you are taking public transportation, Greyhound operates to the area.
Also, there is a service called, ‘Go Bus’ that goes between Cincinnati and
Athens for $10 and another between Columbus and Athens, also $10.


The topics to be covered during the 7 days are:

 Day 1: Basic climbing and Rope Anchoring

 Day 2: Traverses and Tree to Tree transfers (sky walking).

 D3: Basic Structure rigging and Haul systems

 D4: Tri Bi and Mono Pods

 D5: Advanced Structure rigging

 D6: Large scale, occupied banner deployment

 D7: Basic rescue and training set ups.

This is just a rough sketch of an agenda and it may change.

To climb at the camp you will have to sign a waiver of liability and recognize that what we are doing is dangerous. We are willing to share our climbing knowledge but not willing to accept responsibility if anyone hurts themselves. Along this same line, at the camp the trainers have veto power over everything climbing related and can ask anyone to leave the camp if they feel they are not acting in a
safe manner or are behaving in a disruptive manner.

Also, as much as it pains us, please no dogs.

The schedule will be fairly rigid with demonstration times but ample opportunity will be available for people to practice whatever skills they have learned.

Hope to see you in the woods and dont forget….RSVP for more information
and directions!

“I’m On A Boat!” Fundraiser. July 19 Support the Campaign to STOP Mountain top Removal!

Hot damn! Come on out for an “I’m on a Boat” party to raise money for Mountain Justice’s direct action campaign against mountaintop removal coal mining!

What: a dance party, fish fry, and fun night of jovial homemade-beer drinking, fire dancers, hula hoopers, fortune tellers, silent auction, and more!

When: Thursday 7/19 from 7:30pm until…

Where: the Birdhouse Neighborhood Center located at the corner of 4th and Gill

Why: On May 25, 5 Mountain Justice volunteers boarded a coal barge to protest the extraction of coal and profit from mountains in West Virginia. All 5 were arrested and are facing up to $4,000+ in court costs and fines for their brave actions! We wanna help em out and support ongoing direct action against the coal industry!

How much? $3-$10 at the door, $5 for entry + keg (w/ID), $5 fish fry! Bring some extra change for the silent auction and extracurricular activities!

If you can’t attend this great event please still support Mountain Justice and these brave activists by sending a check made out to Mountain Justice and send to

Mountain Justice
6920 Millertown Pike
Knoxville, TN 37924

You know you’re doing something right…

…when they set up a checkpoint.

Word’s that all day today there was a checkpoint on the forest service road leading up to Beauty Spot. Cops (Forest Service Rangers, North Carolina Division of Wildlife, etc..) are checking license, registration, insurance, etc. Be prepared for this tomorrow and on.

Also, parking situation is a little different than planned, due to the illegalities of our planned parking spot. Cars will now line the forest service road. We are advised to drive all the way up to the trail entrance to unload and then park further down. And when you park, you can single, double, and even triple park. Just be sure to leave a space for an ambulance to drive through. If not, citations will be issued (so far two $175 citations have been issued) and threats of being towed will ensue.

See you in the woods…

Katuah Earth First!


Decolonizing Your Mind

February 23rd, 7pm
Warren Wilson College, Gladfelter Building, Cannon Lounge

We invite the Asheville community to join in this compelling workshop that will explore “decolonizing your mind” from both North American and European perspectives. Take a multi media and experiential journey to a greater understanding of indigenous solidarity by discovering the roots of indigenous culture – its living history, examining critical forces that have shaped indigenous/non-indigenous relationships, and then finishing our journey by exploring the unique collaborative work of Four Directions Solidarity Network and Cante Tenza: the Strongheart Civil Rights Movement of the Lakota Nation.  This is the workshop that drew a standing-room only crowd at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit and received rave reviews.

At the end of this four hour workshop, participants will:
1. Understand the concepts of an indigenous lifeway, living history, and indigenous solidarity from various cultural perspectives.
2. Examine historical forces that affect indigenous solidarity including the conceptual process of “decolonizing your mind.”
3. Analyze specific conditions that have shaped indigenous/non-indigenous relationships.

4. Learn specific actions to begin the process of decolonizing your mind.

Presenter Info:

Naomi Archer is an Indigenous and human rights activist based in Asheville, NC. She is founder of the Four Directions Solidarity Network and an adopted member of Cante Tenza Okolakiciye – the traditional Strong Heart Warrior Society of the Lakota Nation. Working with her adopted brother Duane Martin Sr. (Oglala Lakota) they have provided decolonization and cultural restoration talks to both Native and non-native groups using traditional Indigenous and western modes of sharing.